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Dr. Dinos Ramon

D.C.Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

The Chiropractic profession was developed independently since its discovery by D.D.Palmer in 1895, and approaches the age-long problem of disease from an entirely new and drugless concept. The Greeks in their healing sanctuaries (ASCLEPIA) 2000 years ago used the same principles as today but called it (Rachiotherapy) meaning "back care or spine care). The basic premise of the drugless Chiropractic healing method is based upon the relation between the spinal column (which consists of 24 movable vertebrae together with the skull and the Pelvic girdle) and the Central Nervous System which in turn is in control of ALL functions of the human body. 

Considering that the Central Nervous system which has its headquarters as the brain and has under its control every cell in our bodies and directs their physiological function resulting in good health, it is possible that any of the 24 vertebrae may move to disrupt this healthy communication by impinging on nerves from the spine resulting in dis-function of any part of our body which then would result as disease. This reversed condition of the vertebrae is called in the Chiropractic profession a vertebral SUBLUXATION. These subluxations are adjusted by the chiropractor painlessly by hand which in turn restores normal flow of vital nerve energy to the ailing part of the body wherever it may be and restores health. The Cranial Bones, upper extremity and lower extremity of the human body may subluxate and these too can be adjusted in a painless manner. In Cyprus there are 12 registered chiropractors all members of the Cyprus Chiropractic Association which in turn is represented by the European Chiropractors Union and the world Federation of Chiropractic.

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Dr. Dinos Ramon D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)
Tel: 22-766400

Dinos Ramon

Dr. Ramon, a Greek Cypriot was born in Famagusta. After attending the American Academy in Larnaca he left for London  where he enrolled at the Willesden Technical College to study Architecture.

Since the age of 8 Dr. Ramon suffered from regular migraines which grew more intense in severity as years rolled on. By the age of 27 they were so bad that he could no longer relieve them with the given medicine. It was whilst he was in Biel-Bienne in  Switzerland that he met Dr Ken Whittingham a Canadian  chiropractor who cured him within 2  months. He was highly impressed by the cure which made him leave his studies in London and enrolled at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, USA where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1967.

Since then Dr. Ramon practiced in Famagusta as the 1st Cypriot Chiropractor and after the Turkish  occupation of that town he continues to practice in Nicosia Cyprus.
Dr. Ramon uses DIVERSIFIED, GONSTEAD, THOMPSON, PETTIBON and ACTIVATOR together with KOREN SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE (KST) to adjust subluxations of the vertebral column for the correction of the cause of disease, together with upper and lower extremety adjustments.


Bogazi Clinic


The clinic in Bogazi

This is the first Cyprus and European Chiropractic Health Centre and Resort built by Dr. Ramon built for his patients overlooking the harbour in the village of Bogazi, Famagusta, consisting of 32 spacious rooms together with lecture rooms and restaurant.

Unfortunately, Dr Ramon had to relinquish this health resort to the Turkish military occupation of Cyprus that continues illegally since 1974.

After the Turkish  occupation of Famagusta Town, he continues practicing in Nicosia Cyprus.

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